Albert was born in 1962 and raised in the remote village of Kafusi, Zimbabwe (then Rhodesia) — in “the bush.” Determined to make something of his life, he pursued his education despite many challenges, and went on to earn first a BA and then an honors degree in English Literature at the University of Zimbabwe. Working for National Arts Council of Zimbabwe, he simultaneously developed his own art form, writing and performing his original poetry as he traveled across the country. He subsequently formed Imbongi — a group of musicians and dancers, so named for the traditional praise poets of ancient times.

Health Ambassador

The critical health issues in his own country led Albert to lend his talents and his prominence to a variety of related causes:

  • Appointed as Zimbabwe’s representative to the U.N. Regional Creative Artists Advisory Council as part of UNiTE to End Violence Against Women campaign (2012)
  • Selected as one of two health ambassadors by ZimHealth, a non-governmental, non-profit organization based in Geneva, Switzerland
  • Started initiative Ten Conversations to End AIDS with Daniel Low-Beer of the World Health Organization
  • Performed at the First World Health Organization Global Ministerial Conference on Ending Tuberculosis ( 2017, Moscow); the World Health Assembly in (2018, Geneva); and the United Nations Conference on Ending Tuberculosis (2018 and 2019, New York)
“Albert is both entertaining and enlightening in the most thought-provoking kind of way. He owns the stage and I was completely engaged from the moment he stepped onto it until the pause before the clapping broke out. I’ll not forget this.”

- Donna Brady, business administrator and mother of six, Glen Cove, NY



Albert performs on stage in a variety of venues, including event spaces large and small; elementary, middle and high schools; and colleges/universities. His lively and dramatic execution of original poetry, ancestral myths and stories, and theatrical representations of iconic figures engages audiences of all ages worldwide.

Workshops & Master Classes

Albert’s workshops for students from elementary school through university incorporate history, art and culture, political ideology and health issues according to age/grade, and can be tailored to address specific curriculum goals. His master classes, for upper-level high school and college students, can also be customized according to interests and objectives.


Albert presents on topics including traditions, mythology & spirituality; arts & culture; history & politics; and health issues, among others. Each presentation is tailored to focus on the specific interests and goals of the group.

What People Are Saying

“I heard the pride and care and love he has for his family and for the people of Zimbabwe and that he wants to share this with the rest of the world.”
- Caine Caponi, student, Nassau Community College, Garden City, NY
“I loved it ... it was amazing!”
- Casey Busching, 3rd grade student, Glenwood Landing Elementary School, Glenwood
“I loved his performance — unique! His outlook is amazing!”
- Rose Moyo, native Zimbabwean, Richmond Hill, NY
“ Albert Nyathi’s colorful performance brings to life the vibrant culture of Zimbabwe. Woven within his poetic narration, Albert touches on the modern issues his country is facing through storytelling and anecdote. Fun and engaging — young and old alike have something to take away from this!”
- Shari Tripathi, A fan, Manhasset, NY
“He has his own style, and taught me some amazing things about him and where he’s from. I loved how clever the rabbit was!”
- Aylana Rabito, 5th grade student, Ballet Tech, New York City, NY